The 50 Followers Marathon

Woo, I'm at 44 followers! Thank you everyone!

A little while ago I promised myself that if I hit 50 followers I'd do a 50 day marathon to *gasp* Finish. The. Novel.

Heck, and maybe even come up with a title, finally. Rose, 1492 isn't quite cutting it any more.

So, 6 followers to go. And then the promised marathon starts...

Anyone want to join me? No daily word count, just the goal of writing every day. Butt in Chair!


Congrats on all the awesome followers, and best of luck finishing that novel!
Tessa Conte said…
Hey congrats on the almost-fifty - if I wasn't following you already I'd definately press that button now! I'll give you a shout-out on my blog though, maybe that will help... (me=giddy from just reaching 50 myself - followers, not years).

And wow what a plan...I'd love to say I'll join your marathon but I know myself too well...I'll never manage that *shakes her head in disgust* I'm too inconsistent by far.
Janet Johnson said…

Sounds like a great plan. Best way to celebrate, eh? :D
Aubrie said…
Congrats on your followers! I'll join you in writing everyday.
I have become a follower, although I may have already been one, I can't tell.
Talli Roland said…
Yay for 50 followers and the challenge of finishing your novel! Go Deniz go!
India Drummond said…
WOohoo! I use Google Reader to follow you already, but I went ahead and clicked the Google Connect button just to help you get closer to the goal!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks so much everyone! I'm already prepared to fail on writing every day for 50 days - but I just can't fail if everyone's behind me and so many are joining with me in the marathon. Must write! Butt in Chair!

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