Celebrating Children's Book Week

No shortage of events in the next five days, in celebration of Children's Book Week.

Better World Books has an awesome sale on children's books.
The Children's Book Council has a long list of recommended books.
If you're in Montreal, support the 80th anniversary of the Montreal Children's Library.

The official website has many fun links, to puzzles, a contest, Children's Choice Book Awards finalists reading from their books, and story starters, including one by Lemony Snicket and one by Katherine Paterson:

"I'd be the first to admit the fact that I've done plenty of things in my life that have gotten me into trouble, some I've even regretted, but I never imagined a simple..."


Aubrie said…
I wish more children were interested in books and not video games! As a young child, my family took me to the public library weekly and that's where my love of books developed.
Thanks for the links!
Talli Roland said…
Happy Children's Book Week!

I still think books should be made out of candy to encourage reading. Strange no-one's picked that idea up yet!

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