The Ideal Writing Environment - and Middle Earth

Coffee and lots of it!

As part of her blog tour, Kait did an interview recently on The Nature of the Beast, talking about her ultimate writing environment. Mine would involve cats, a view of the Mediterranean or Aegean from a very clean, very bare villa room (of the hardwood floors and white draperies variety), someone else to do all the gardening, a huge professional barista machine so I can make all the lattes I want, lots of gorgeous notebooks and pens, a fast laptop with unlimited memory and internet access, and some travel money so I can attend conferences and fairs and workshops. And that's just for starters!

One of the fairs I'd attend would be the Middle Earth Weekend, going on this weekend at Sarehole Mill in Birmingham, to practice my archery, see the places where Tolkien lived, and so on. Maybe next year...

By the way, Jessica Hische, who's drop caps I've been gleefully using for weeks now, recently had a couple of my favourite drop caps featured in an article in Real Simple!

If you do nothing else this weekend, don't forget to check out our Forum House Party, the seventh such event!


My ultimate working environment would be a two story home overlooking a wide expanse of New Zealand fields, backed by high, lonely mountains. I would write on my terrace that looked out on that breath-taking scene. Gypsy, my cat, would be curled up by my side as I typed away on my laptop, the brisk breath of God ruffling my hair.

Thanks for bringing that scene into being for me, Roland
Deniz Bevan said…
Happy to oblige :-) I wouldn't mind visiting that scene!
India Drummond said…
I need some place with little distractions! Often this isn't beacuse I am easily distracted, but because people tend to get annoyed when I tell them, "go away". :)
Aubrie said…
I wish I could go to Middle Earth Weekend! Have fun!
Talli Roland said…
Oh, I love your ultimate writing environment. I have to say mine's good how it is now: silence, not too many distractions and a window! Perfect for me - too much else and I'd never get myself to do any work!
I love your writing environment! Mine would require excursions for distraction and thinking time, possibly to that Middle Earth fair. How awesome is that! :)

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