Kait Nolan's Forsaken By Shadow

Kait Nolan recently published her novella Forsaken by Shadow. Here's my Amazon review, reprinted below:

I also read this as a beta reader, and came to the story in some trepidation, as it's not my usual genre and I was wary of encountering character types and storylines I might not understand. But whether you're an avid fantasy fan or not, FORSAKEN BY SHADOW will have you hooked from the first page on. The action starts right away and the characters are well developed and interesting. Very well paced and with just the right amount of explanation on the supernatural elements. I'd recommend it!

Now she's hosting a blog contest! All you have to do is review the novella and comment about it on the contest page. Grand prize is a 10$ Amazon gift card. And which of us readers couldn't use that?





Aubrie said…
I read your review and voted on it as "helpful". :)
I wish Kait luck -- and you as well. Good review, short and to the point. I, like Aubrie, read your review on Amazon and voted on it as helpful. Roland
Talli Roland said…
Great review Deniz! I'll pop over now (or soonish - if it doesn't slip my muddled mind first!).
India Drummond said…
Nice review! her book sounds interesting! I'll have to put it on my wish list.

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