Contest! Win a Copy of Joanna Bourne's The Forbidden Rose!

Joanna Bourne's latest, The Forbidden Rose, is out!

For those of you who don't have your very own copies yet - or are waiting for another reader to return the library copy - you're in luck, because I've got two copies to give away. I won three Advance Reader Copies on Brenda Novak's Online Auction for Diabetes Research and, while I'm devouring my own copy, the other two are up for grabs!

Jo had a recent blog post on her dog, and that inspired the rules for this contest:

Leave a comment telling me either:

a) the names of the two donkeys in The Forbidden Rose


b) about your own furry/scaly/prickly writing companion.

A comment earns one entry in the draw for the winner, blogging about the contest earns another entry, and Facebooking earns another entry. But you've got to come back and let me know you've done all these things, and link to them, if possible. You can Tweet about the contest too but, er, I'm not on Twitter yet, so unless it rolls over onto your blog or Facebook page, I probably won't see it.

There'll be two drawings, one on Friday 2 July and the other the Friday after. In keeping with the animal theme, the drawing - from a pile of scattered paper with names on it - will be performed by Frodo!


Aubrie said…
Okay, here's my entry!

My writing companion is my miniature doxen, Jedi. He's a wirehaired doxen, so he has cute little whiskers.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Aubrie! He does sound cute :-)
Scorpio M. said…
Hi, I found your blog by way of Ms. Joanna Bourne's blog. I don't have any pets at the I'll have to depend upon Dulce and Decorum to bring me luck.

Thank you!:)
gamistress66 said…
Dulce & Decorum over at their creator's (the amazing Joanna Bourne) blog site said to come over here to for a chance to win a copy of their story ;) Thanks for sharing your bounty & best of luck with your writing.
P said…
My writing companion is a blue parakeet named "Hawk" whose cage is near my computer. Whenever my television turns on (when I am supposed to be writing) he shrieks and goes completely bonkers.

Love that bird!
Bluestocking said…
My writing companion is my aussie shepherd/cattle dog mix Sienna who hates my laptop and book I hold. She's pretty territorial :)
Barbara Monajem said…
Dulce et Decorum, but I don't need a copy of the book. Already bought The Forbidden Rose, already read it, now re-reading The Spymaster's Lady and My Lord and Spymaster because I needed more of a Jo fix.

I'm very glad her blog directed me to yours. Looks like a fun addition to the blogs I follow (but never seem to have time to read, alas).

My cat is just plain Jane.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone for entering!
I'd do what Dulce and Decorum told me to also :-)
Looking forward to reading your entry in the DEATH SCENE blogfest, Roland
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks! I've been busy writing the scenes that lead up to it...
Lori Ann said…
I just found my way here through Joanna's blog, and I could not resist entering. Decorum and Dulce are the two donkeys.
Cindy said…
Yes, I'd LOVE to enter.
My fuzzy writing companions are Munchie (for his love of the food) and Zee (for his love of the snooze) Zee is also aptly named because he is
And a few other things I can't remember right now.