A Post-apocalyptic Story


was one of my favourite characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was the quintessential trickster of fairy stories, random and unpredictable, which is what made him frightening.

Writing in general is an unpredictable endeavour - one never knows where story ideas will come from. Our vacation put a huge dent in my plans for Write Your A** Off Day. On the other hand, I had a dream about a brand new story, which I might not even start writing for at least a few months, so here is the synopsis version:

Following a nuclear incident, with few people left on the globe, a group of scientists get together in a specific place and create a dome in which to safely house the remaining humans in that area. Many of them die while working on the dome, until only two brothers are left. One becomes the evil dictator of life within the dome, while the other, because he has a young daughter, lies low and tries to raise her as well as he can.
People continue to trickle in to the dome, in varying stages of ill health. A few years later the daughter, now almost in her twenties, has an affair with one of these newcomers, who dies soon after. She discovers she's pregnant, and is working up the courage to tell her father, when he reveals that he's dying and that the dictator is her uncle, and she'll have to go live with him.
Rather than face such a fate, she turns to her best friend and asks him to marry her. Her father dies in peace, knowing she will be cared for by a husband who loves her. When the dictator finds out that his brother has died, he sends for his niece, whereupon she tells her new husband why she married him. He's upset most because she used him, and didn't trust him to stick by her if she had revealed her pregnancy.
They visit the dictator together, and are placed under lock and key in his vast fort, where they uncover more of his evil plans, and work to stop him before he can do is worst.

They succeed, and they all live happily ever after. In my dream, there was a lot of water, and chases, and other action sequences that were lots of fun to watch. Someday if I write the story, I hope they'll be just as fun to read!

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