Ten for Thursday - What's in Your Bag?

Talli's tagged everyone on her bag meme, which she got from Sangu.

Clearly, Talli hangs on to the same bag for much longer than I do, which is to be commended - it's fun to find stuff you'd forgotten you had! Unfortunately, I get very restless with bags, purses, backpacks, what-have-you and switch 'em up constantly, necessitating a clean up every time.

I've had the current one for about a month. It's nice and large, so I'll probably get tired of it before the end of the summer, cos large bags prompt me to carry at least two books, the notebook with the latest scenes from Out of the Water (Rose's story!), printed snips of others' writing to read and comment on, and other heavy items (papers add up to a lot of weight!).

So let's see what's in the Mary Poppins'-bag like space (besides tree-derived products)...

1. A coin purse that contains memory sticks and keys, as well as a lovely bookmark made by Claire, but no coins.

2. Alpaca fibre! Just waiting for me to learn how to spin. Courtesy of Tracy at Flocks by Knight Alpaca farm. Photos of Lucky Pierre, whose fibre I have, coming soon to my knitting blog.

3. Mini playing cards that I won at an arcade!

4. A lovely friendship card with a sweet poem from my best friend Nina.

5. Movie ticket stubs that I've been saving to try and reclaim the points online. The last tickets are from Crazy Heart.

6. Guitar picks: one from Nashville, one given by Supergrass, and one generic pick that I've had since I was 14 (that's a lot of purses to be switched around in).

7. Hmm, a lot of these seem to be paper anyway! I can't escape the stuff. In that case, our next item is nine American dollar bills - leftover from vacation.

8. A pile of extra batteries for the camera I'm never without.

9. Coconut oil from Fiji (nah, I didn't get to go there... it's from a colleague).

10. England bracelets from Helen! Since Turkey didn't even qualify for the World Cup...

What's in your bag?


Talli Roland said…
Aw, these are all great things (apart from the England bracelet; good luck with that!). And a guitar pick from Nashville - that's so cool.

PS- Thanks for the award earlier (for Marsha!). I keep forgetting to thank you! :)

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