Happy Canada Day - Also 51 Day Marathon Day 3

Happy Canada Day!

Fifty day marathon has become the fifty-one day marathon; thanks to Zan Marie for following me!

I wrote about 500 words on Tuesday, another 400 or so yesterday and hope to write at least as many today, plus type up all the words floating about on bits and pieces of paper - all 4000 of them at this point.

Meanwhile, here's a bit of a web tour:

Visit Audible for some free downloads of audio books - including Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. Unless I'm knitting or scrapbooking at the same time I have a hard time being read to - I'd much rather read a book myself and am less likely to get distracted that way - but I've been listening to Davina Porter reading Outlander for the past half hour and am laughing out loud (and alternately shaking my head the Claire's blissfully ignorant comments on Black Jack Randall). I'm just at the part where she sees Jamie's ghost...

Celebrate Canada Day on fellow Canadian Talli Rowland's blog.

Visit Nathan Bransford's blog and discuss your writing tics.

Drop by All The World's Our Page tomorrow for 20 questions with Joanna Bourne - and don't forget to enter my contest below to win a copy of her latest novel The Forbidden Rose - first drawing tomorrow evening!


Aubrie said…
Happy Canada Day! My ancestors are french canadian: last name=Dionne, but I'm not related to Celene Dion.
Deniz Bevan said…
Oh neat! Were they Acadians?
Zan Marie said…
I get two gifts with one sign up! Now I'll always see your posts and got to download "Outlander" free! I've never tried audiobooks. Now I have no excuse. ; )

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