Notes from Underground Contest

Quite frankly, White Nights and Notes from Underground are two of my favourite novellas by Dostoyevksy. And now there's a contest named after the latter: The Literary Lab's second annual Genre Wars Anthology, "Notes From Underground" contest.

The best part of this contest is the 'free form' entry: you can enter up to five pages of whatever you want, be it poetry, writing, photography, flattery, a resume, an idea, anything!

I found it very hard to limit myself to five pages; should I include poetry? should I talk about all my ideas and not include any actual writing? In the end, still on a high from the recent house party, I included three scenes from Out of the Water and two scenes from the house party. One of the snips from the novel is Baha's letter to Rose, which she finds after his death. Read it here.

(And yes, sometimes I start my blog posts with random phrases just so I can slip in a gorgeous Drop Cap.)


Aubrie said…
I have to admit I haven't read anything by Dostoyevksy....maybe I should. :)

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