10 Ways To Know A Story Was Written By Me - and Blog Party Continues

Woo hoo! Fabulous Blog Party / BBQ / Labour Day Weekend Fest going on over at Karen G's. Sign up and visit lots of blogs to 'find a bunch of awesome new followers'!

A propos of the word awesome, click here to join The Society for the Appreciation of the English Awesomesauce, aka Lord John Grey. I've even made a badge :-)

And Kait's next installment of Forsaken by Shadow is up, here!

And now, to business. Writerly, business that is. Susan's got a great post on 10 Ways to Know A Story Was Written By Me.

Here are the rules:

"Fellow authors, spread the meme:

1. Write a blog post about ten ways you know a story was written by you.
2a. Then comment on this post with the link to your post!
2b. Or just write your answers as comments, below. But that’s less fun.
Like chain mail, but with blog posts. Easy as that."

Here are my 10 Ways:

10. There's a Tolkien reference in there.

9. Someone quotes a line of poetry at some point.

8. Formal dialogue saturates the first draft, creeps around in the second, and is hopefully eradicated after that.

7. Someone somewhere mentions Wales - or Celts, at least.

6. Lots of grinning. 'Nuff said.

5. There's at least one paragraph of expository omniscient writing.

4. Cats.

3. The sea figures prominently.

2. The themes generally involve a journey of some kind.

And the number one way to know I wrote the story:

1. There's at least one word in another language, if not ten...

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