Auto Summarize Your Novel For Fun and No Profit

If you haven't yet seen Joel Stickley's How To Write Badly Well, you're missing lots of fun reverse writing tips.
His most recent post mocks Word's Auto Summarize feature, something I didn't know existed. It's a completely useless programme, seemingly, but good for a few laughs.

Here's Out of the Water, distilled from 65,069 words in 4,734 sentences to 20 words in 20 sentences. 'Sentences' used here, by Word, in the loosest possible terms:

"Rosa!” Rosa! "Rosa?"
"Rosa! "Rosa!” "Rosa! "Rosa! Rosa!" "Rosa! "Rosa?" "Rosa. "Rosa!" "Rosa! "Rosa!" "Rosa!" "Rosa! "Rosa –"
"Rosa?" "Rosa."

I also tried the 25% summary option and got more repetitions of other characters' names with a few grins and smiles thrown in. Wasn't that fun boys and girls? At least I know I'll be getting rid of all those grins when it comes time to edit...

Thanks to all of you that have come over from Karen's BBQ Blog Party and followed me!

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