Banned Books Week

Happy Banned Books Week! Go read!

Support the First Amendment, Read a Banned Book

What can you do to support Banned Books Week?

1. Sign up at Tahereh's page with other bloggers drawing attention to Banned Books.

2. Talk about your favourite Banned Books over at Random Acts of Reading.

3. Blog about Banned Books Week, and let Random House know at, to win a free book!

I have to say, I was surprised to see that so many of my favourite authors have had their books banned at one time or another - everyone from Lois Lowry and Judy Blume (which I knew about), to Roald Dahl and Katherine Paterson (which I definitely did *not* know about); not to mention Steinbeck and l'Engle. Or Joyce!

Imagine a world without any of these authors? To read interviews with Steinbeck and many many other seminal authors of the 20th century (Dorothy Parker, E.B. White, Paul Auster, etc.), visit Paris Review, where they've recently uploaded their archives.

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