Fantasy Writing Places

Lola had a post recently, a beautiful post, taking readers on a tour of Fantastical Writing Places.

I think her fairy dust got to me, by which I mean the post inspired me to think of some places that I'd love to write in. Before that, though, an announcement: Linda Gerber's latest, Trance, hits bookstores in less than a month and she's offering a super duper countdown contest!

Where's your fantasy writing spot? My short answer: the Mediterranean.

Long answer... Perhaps a sailboat docked near Spain's Costa Brava:

Island hopping along the Cote d'Azur, towards Bonifaccio, Corsica:

Then along the Italian islands, round the tip of Sicily, out into the greater sea. Dolphin, seal sightings... And then, the Greek islands. Finally docking in Kusadasi (though it's a lot more crowded now; this photo is from about 30 years ago. That arrow on the card points to the hotel next to my grandmother's house):

Come to think of it, this is the same trip my protagonist Rose takes in 1492. Except she's not on a pleasure cruise, and her final destination is Constantinople, not Scala Nova (aka Kusadasi). If she had gone to Scala Nova, it might have looked something like this:


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