Inspirational Photos Round Two

Ffirst post on inspiration featured a photo of Columbus' patron, Queen Isabella. The other day I was once more on Christophe Colombe street in Montreal, but further up, and came across the statue of Columbus himself:

The other day I was in the Rare Books section of the McGill University Library and came across this - not much to do with inspiration for my current wip, but still a nice memento of Canadian authors - Stephen Leacock's walking stick!


Tara said…
That's a cool photo of teh walking stick - an interesting memento, for sure.
Deniz Bevan said…
Isn't it though? I had no idea it was there! Always wanted to go into the Rare Books section when I was at University, but somehow wasn't brave enough then...
Lynda Young said…
oo.. I love rare books. Nice pictures :)

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