Recipe for Börek!

Here's the recipe for the börek I promised to bring to Karen G's BBQ Blog Party!

Ingredients (metric)
a glug of vegetable oil
1 beaten egg
250mL milk
mix the above ingredients and set aside (include a baking brush) (if you find yourself running out, you can always add a bit more milk)

1 box phyllo dough (defrosted if using frozen) (the boxes of phyllo dough I buy come with 8 sheets; my two pans are small so I cut the 8 sheets in half, leaving 8 sheets per pan.)

250g Turkish or Bulgarian white cheese
handful of parsley, finely diced
mix the above ingredients and set aside (include a spoon)

Any size pan will do, but you should preferably have a rectangular one to fit the shape of the dough. Lightly oil the bottom of the pan. Lay the first sheet of dough in the pan and brush gently with the oil-egg-milk mixture. Repeat with three more sheets. Fold the sheets in half if your pan is smaller.

Spread the cheese-parsley mixture across the top sheet.

Cover with another sheet, and once more brush with the oil-egg-milk mixture. Repeat with three more sheets. Pour any remaining mixture over the top.

Let sit for up to half an hour and bake at 350F for up to 30 minutes or until the top is golden brown.

There are variations involving ground beef or potatoes or spinach, but any börek goes great with other BBQ fare such as watermelons, and can be served with beer or wine.

Unless you'd like to have it with coffee, which I mention only to ask, has anyone else noticed Charlie's mug on Two and a Half Men? His coffee mug, that is. He always uses the same one, there's always fresh coffee in the pot, and when he's not drinking alcohol, he's sipping coffee. Yum yum!


We just bought some phyllo dough to make spinach-feta börek for a party we are going tomorrow.

But what's a glug?
Deniz Bevan said…
Ha ha! That's a translation of from annemin tarifi: "yarım Türk fincanı"
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks! I might make more this week...