Ten for Tuesday - Interesting Links

X varied links for your Tuesday viewing/reading/listening pleasure:

1. Come 1 December, Talli Roland is hosting a blogsplash to celebrate the release of The Hating Game as an e-book, ahead of its UK hard-copy launch in early 2011. Visit her blog to sign up!

2. The latest installment of Kait Nolan's Forsaken by Shadow is up, here!

3. New songs by Ryan Bevan, here.

4. Struggling to write a difficult scene? Get a kick in the rear from Write or Die. "Putting the Prod in Productivity".

5. If you're stuck in full on procrastination mode, you can't do better than to head over to Tahereh's page and read the 100 steps of How To Write A Novel.

6. Banned Books Week is coming up. What will you be reading?

7. International Literacy Day was last week. What did you read? Claire had an insightful post in celebration, The Power of Words.

8. And for those of you writing historicals... Jason Goodwin on getting details right, and wrong.

9. Have you heard of the Page 69 Test? Marshall McLuhan once suggested that you should choose your reading by turning to page 69 of a book and, if you liked it, then you should read the book. There's an entire blog devoted to this; here's a list of the authors featured to date.

And.... Number 10... Treat for the day, if you haven't yet seen it... Unexpurgated artwork from Diana Gabaldon's soon to be released graphic novel The Exile, here. Careful if you're clicking through in public!


Clarissa Draper said…
Wow, I love the links. I've never heard of number 9 before but I'm going to try it.

Talli Roland said…
Thank you so much, Deniz! Yay! Really appreciate your help and support. :)
Deniz Bevan said…
I only found about the page 69 thing the other day myself!
I think I'll try it on some of my favourite books...

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