Constantinople Houseparty - in Figures

Drum roll, please!

The writers' houseparty on the Compuserve Books and Writers Forum - the ninth such party to date - is wrapping up as we speak.

With only an epilogue or two left to be written, the facts and figures are as follows:

Setting: Constantinople, 12 June 1493

Here is the house:

Unofficial Warmup Party:

Authors: 4

Characters: 20

Days: 5

Word Count: 31,900

Official Houseparty:

Days: 9

Authors: 16

Characters: 50 (plus at least 5-10 others by name and a raft of servants, djinn, etc.)

Word Count: 172,000

My total word count across two weeks is 44,000! Somewhere in between I also managed to type up all of the handwritten scenes for the novel, which now stands at 85,000 words.

I feel like taking a long break - maybe reading another The Cat Who... book - and am worried about going back to the wip. Houseparties are so fast and exciting and fun; what if the novel seems dull after this?

Thank you to Adderbury, Claire, Susan, Helen, Jenny, Shaylin, Zan Marie, Jill, Tara, ennubi, Cathy, Marilyn, Jenn, Anne-Marie, and Esme for a magical time - see you in a few months on Legend!


Zan Marie said…
What an epic party you hosted, Deniz! I'm still in awe of what our group created. Not to mention the new understanding I have of my Laura Grace and Mack. Thanks for a wonderful week.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Zan Marie! I'm so glad your two were there to share in all the fun and excitement. I learned *so* much about my own characters. Just have to apply it to the wip now...
Tara said…
Rosa was such a gracious host! Didn't get around to my usually tally, but I still had a blast!
Deniz Bevan said…
I did too Tara! Thanks again for Rosa's servant :-) I'm rereading the story from start to finish right now, and boy it's one heck of a ride!

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