Contests Contests Contests - and Review of Trance by Linda Gerber

Contests! Freebies! How can you go wrong?

You've still got lots of time to enter the Tarot, Sex, Writing and Neil Gaiman Giveaway!

I've won two contests in the past month! First Andrea's - thanks Andrea! - then Linda Gerber's Trance giveaway - thanks Linda!

Prizes are still up for grabs during Linda's final countdown party to the release of Trance, featuring a blog hop with 35 authors.

I got my prize ARC of Trance only a couple of days ago and breathlessly read it cover to cover. The story takes place over only a few days, and features Ashlyn Greenfield, an otherwise normal teenager, who just happens to have visions. When the trance comes over her, she only sees parts and pieces of an event that will take place - but she knows that someone will die, someone she's recently become very close to; a boy named Jake. Without her sister, though, who left home a few months ago and is determined not to be found by Ashlyn, she is missing half the clues she needs to warn Jake and try to prevent the accident. How will she warn him, though, when he might not want to speak to her ever again once he finds out about her visions?

A paranormal, a romance, a thriller, Trance has it all! If you enjoyed Death By Bikini, Death by Latte, and Death By Denim, Linda Gerber has done it again in Trance, with entirely new characters; fast paced and exciting, you just can't put this one down.

Don't forget the Constantinople Houseparty - there's still time to join!


Jen Daiker said…
Wow you weren't kidding on the contest front! How fun! Thank you for visiting my blog! I was able to find your fabulous blog and all these awesome contests!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Jen! Glad you like it :-)
Talli Roland said…
I'm with Jen - fab contests, Deniz. And thanks for the review of Trance.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Talli!
Trance was great - and so are all of Linda Gerber's books; bet they'd make good movies too... (hint hint to anyone out there)

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