Party Like It's 1493!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Invitations are up for the Constantinople Houseparty over at the forum, which I first blogged about over at Kait's last week.

Come, bring your characters, and play! As we speak, Rosa is preparing for her influx of guests, King Charles II is in a caravan, on his way from Damascus, Klara and George have arrived early from 1915, and Kedi the Cat has brought Austin in from 2010, in time to meet Horus, the King's messenger falcon...

Also, only a few days left before Linda Gerber's Trance is released. Join her and all her guest authors at the blog party.

Plus, Darby Christopher's story continues! If you enjoyed kc dyer's first book in the Darby series, A Walk Through A Window, enter the contest to win a copy of the next book, Facing Fire.

And another instalment of Forsaken by Shadow is out.

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