A Short Post - I'm in Constantinople!

Why I haven't posted in a couple of days...

I'm knee deep in thousands of brand new words. No, not for the current novel or as part of edits, but for the houseparty at the Compuserve Books and Writers Community!

This is the ninth party to date; the parties are always intense, and perfect playing grounds for insights into your characters. The current party has been even more hectic for me, as I - well, my characters Rosa, Arcturus and Santiago - have been the hosts.

The party is set in 1493, in Constantinople. Yesterday and today, for instance, we were madly running around the Covered Bazaar, collecting items for an alchemical potion, rescuing those who were kidnapped, having love affairs, dealing with paranormal doppelgangers...

Check out all the fun, here.

And the fabulous Tahereh is hosting a super easy super free contest; no work involved, just a reward if you win. Sign up now!

Continuing on from the Masters post, here are some poets - Tennyson, Thomas and others - reading their poetry.


Sounds absolutely wonderful!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you Carole! It's amazing how many words pour out of me at one of these events. A happy case of the story practically writing itself :-)
Zan Marie said…
Hi Deniz! I'm waving at you through my Laura Grace on the other side of the cauldron. ; ) You've put on a GREAT house party!
And I'll agree, the story has nearly written itself.
Sounds like fun! I'm too busy with revisions right now to enjoy the party, but I'm glad you are. And thanks for the link! ;)

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