Would You Like To Travel - In Time -To Constantinople?

Why, of course! you reply...

Well, then, grab your heros and heroines and villains and hangers-on by the hand and bring them to the Constantinople Houseparty on the Compuserve Books and Writers Community!

The first post features links to the Invitations and Character Introductions thread, the thread providing descriptions of the setting, and the 'warm-up' party, featuring the adventures that certain characters had on the way to Constantinople, as well as the original announcement, featuring guidelines and links to previous parties.

Don't worry if you haven't read any of this stuff, just jump right in!

All you really need to know to play is that the party is set in a villa type house (called a yalı) in Constantinople on 12 June 1493 - the summer solstice - and is hosted by Rosa (age 18) and Brother Arcturus (age 28), as well as Rosa's father Santiago (c. 40). The house overlooks the Bosphorus, and the party - a masquerade - begins around 5 pm, at the time of the evening call to prayer.

As we begin play... there are nine characters currently at the yalı, and six in the desert, on a caravan route to Constantinople, as well as two lost on a ship in the Marmara or Aegean. We join those at the yalı first...

In other news, the latest installment of Forsaken by Shadow is here. Thanks to Nathan Bransford for pointing me to the hilarious if Hogwarts had Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare/YouTube...


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