NaNo and Rugby and Authors!


Words, words and more words and haka!

Yes, I know it's Saturday but I was up at 5.30 this morning, writing - bare minimum of NaNo words for the day. Then I typed up at least 3,000, but had to stop because I went out with friends to watch Scotland vs the All Blacks. If you haven't seen the haka yet, here's a taste.

Also had a pep talk from John Green, author of the amazing Looking for Alaska, in my email - and just discovered that the brilliant Katherine Paterson has done one before as well.

And what does Mr. Green say? "Go spit in the face of our inevitable obsolescence and finish your @#$&ng novel."

So there you go. But if you're not writing - or watching large men on a field - head over to Kait's and read the next part of Forsaken by Shadow. And watch this space for a Talli Roland related blogsplash soon! And... enter the middle grade giveaway here.

Off to type some more before my friend's party...


You are doing so well!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks so much Carole! I'm not getting very much sleep and I'm falling behind in critiquing others (especially on the Compuserve Forum) but I might have a complete draft by the end of the month!

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