Out of the Water Chapter Critique at Clarissa's! and More NaNo

Day 3!

Kristi did a fun NaNo list over on the forum, and I've created one for myself:

Spanish classes skipped: 1
Lattes: 1
Cups of coffee: upwards of 10 (but that mostly because there's a symposium on at work and I get free coffee)
Dinners made by me: 0
Pauses on the stairwell in the office to scribble ideas: at least 2 per day
Replies given to friends and colleagues in character: 2
Dreams about writing while walking down the street: 1
Silent panic attacks: 1
Said panic attack calmed by coffee refill: 1
Scenes written that are required by the wip: 0
Scenes written that take the wip in new directions: 4
I could go on, but I'm too busy writing.

Clarissa Draper has done a brilliant Chapter Critique (in her ongoing series) of a scene from Out of the Water! Thank you Clarissa. Check it out, here.

Don't forget to enter my Jean Little giveaway - and vote in Disgruntled Bear's Query Contest!

Also, How To Write Badly Well features Old Istanbul...

And finally... drum roll... Talli Roland's The Hating Game is coming soon! And it's definitely worth the wait. Details to come, she added, teasingly...

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