Chocolate and 100 Followers Contest

Jingle bells! It's Christmas Eve Eve, and I haven't written a new word in days (though over the past week I have typed up half the 10,000 words of The End that I wrote last Saturday). On the other hand, I just discovered something fun:

Did you know that chocolate can be used to cure a cough?

This may simply be anecdotal. However, it was precisely the sort of historical fact I was seeking. I needed something that my heroine's father might have obtained during his voyage with Christopher Columbus, something that only he could provide to help cure her husband's illness, and something which he eventually does offer, once he accepts her marriage. And now I know exactly what he brought back - cocoa beans!

Rather appropriate for holiday time, no?

Speaking of holidays, if you have a day off and would like to see a brilliant movie, I recommend The King's Speech. Don't think I've ever plugged a movie on this blog before, but this one is certainly worth it. Found a penny with George VI in my pocket the other day and grinned foolishly for a few minutes, thinking of the film. I echo Carol's wish: Colin Firth Please Talk Dirty To Me Again.

Thank you to my new followers and don't forget to enter the 100 Followers Thank You Contest!


Carolyn Abiad said…
Chocolate as a cure for whatever ails me... I think that's a slam-dunk! Happy Holidays!

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