1,000 eBooks This Month for Kait Nolan! and Vote for Zan Marie!

The generally accepted benchmark of success for an indie author seems to be 1,000 books or more sold per month. And as of this morning, Kait Nolan was at 988 copies for January 2011 alone!

Eastern Standard Time gives you... checks computer clock... five and a half hours to click on over to amazon.com or smashwords or wherever you prefer, and get yourself a copy of Forsaken by Shadow and/or Devil's Eye (purchasing options are on the linked pages).

Shamelessly honest plug - I'm always wary of self-published books. So many of them are so badly edited they pierce little arrows like misplaced apostrophes into my copy editor's heart. I love Kait's work not only because the romance and characters are so compelling, but because I can read her work for pleasure, without reaching for my favourite brown pen.

Also, Zan Marie Steadham, author of An Easter Walk and A Christmas Walk, has a contemporary story in the works called Friendly Fire. She's just been declared a finalist in the No Fear Blogfest, along with L'Aussie, Elaine Smith, Tony Benson, Michael Di Gesu and Roland Yeomans. Go cast your vote!

Finally, a bit of news about me - I've won a query critique through Roni's latest contest! Let me take one more pass at editing my pitch...

And one more contest! Susan's hosting a Readers Are Smart contest. What's your favourite big word? Mine's  still wariangle.


That's awesome! I've never heard of Kait Nolan--I'll have to add her to my list. And great job about winning the query critique!

Hmm...favorite big word? There are just so many, and none of them come to mind at the moment. Oh well--I'll think of them like an hour after I post this comment. =)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Amanda! Kait's stories are great, but then I'm biased in favour of romance [g]
I'm trying to think of other words myself...
Thanks for the shout out! :)
Very inspiring, must keep working! :0)
Zan Marie said…
OMG! Deniz, You did not title part of this blog with "Vote for Zan Marie," did you? I'm grinning ear to ear. : D
Chris Phillips said…
congrats on the query crit!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Carole, thanks Chris!!
And, happy to do it, Zan Marie and Susan! :-)

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