Check In on A Round of Words in 80 Days

Wow. My eyes are burning. I've finally caught up on Alex Cavanaugh's Top Ten Countdown Music Blogfest, commenting on all the participants. There's so much great music out there! I was impressed with how many people were actually able to narrow down their choices to the required ten songs.

And while I was commenting, I got no edits done whatsoever on Out of the Water. The last few days have really been slacking off days, unfortunately. The story's constantly in my mind, and I know where it's going, but... Well, I did spend a little time yesterday researching medieval Spanish nobility and deciding whether one character should be a Duchess or a Countess.

Today I'm empathising with Carolyn. After agonizing over perfecting my pitch for Kate's critique, I know how hard it is to get the words and the tone just right. Help Carolyn out on the Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment. Her story idea is just fantastic!

The last installment of Kait Nolan's Forsaken by Shadow is up. Wasn't it an exciting tale? Now you can read the next novella set in the same world, Devil's Eye.

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