Columbus and A Round of Words in 80 Days Check In Day 10

Ten days in on the Round of Words in 80 Days and I've edited 15,000 words to date. So why do I feel as though I haven't accomplished anything? Because I'm only 1/10 of the way into the novel? Because there are so many square brackets swimming around my head that I can't even see my own words?

Not sure what the answer is. I hardly edited any words on Monday, I was that busy researching Spanish cooking in the 15th Century, names of towns, Hebrew terms of endearment, Ottoman miniatures, seasonal fruits for August 1492, and so on.

There's one question that I cannot seem to find the answer to. I'm hoping Washington Irving addresses it in his biography of Christopher Columbus (which I have to buy and read any day now).

What was Columbus' title when he sailed on his first voyage?
Was he already an Admiral? A mere captain? What?

Does anyone know?

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