Deborah Kerbel's Lure and Other News

Have you ever been inside an older house and wondered about the stories of the people that have lived there over the years? Have you ever heard of a ghost sighting and wondered what the history was behind that particular ghost's appearance?

10 Colborne Street in Markham Ontario, the Thornhill Village Public Library, has a number of documented supernatural occurrences that have occurred within its walls. But there hasn't been a satisfactory explanation for them - until now.

Deborah Kerbel's third Middle Grade novel, Lure, weaves a fascinating tale of mystery and friendship. I can't help it; I love having answers to mysteries, and it's very satisfying to have a story behind ghostly phenomena. I've never visited the Thornhill Library, but if I do, I'll feel like I'm entering a familiar place with old friends, thanks to Max and John and Caroline.

Now for the news - Diana Gabaldon has a brand new updated website! Tahereh's calling for guest posts! Helen made some yummy Pico de Gallo!

Well, really. What's better than spicy when it's icy and snowy everywhere?


lets go ghost hunting together, i get easily spooked it'll be fun. I almost choked a friend with her hoodie when we went to a haunted house.
OMG! my word captcha is whoriene, is that french for what i think it is?
Deniz Bevan said…
Ooh, it sounds French, doesn't it! Those word captcha things can be really funny sometimes.

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