RoW80 Check In and Much Ado About To Dos

One thousand words typed up this morning, but since then...

I seem to be falling into the pattern of taking at least one day off per week, but outside of that have been editing, writing, or at least plotting, every day of the week. For the most part, then, I've been meeting my Round of Words in 80 Days goals. Yay!

Suddenly, this afternoon, I have other things to do, though, that are all fighting to take me away from the novel: a copy edit, another editing job for work, and homework for Spanish class. Technically, the latter might count as research, as the only reason I've taken up Spanish to begin with is so that I can get further inside Rosa's head. Well, there are also the editing exams to be taken at United Nations headquarters, eventually...

Our assignment is to summarise an article from the news, and I found the perfect article yesterday: The Westmount Children's Library is celebrating its 100th year! This was the first library that I ever went to outside of school. It's also attached to a greenhouse, which is a moist, humid place that's perfect for visiting on a day like today, when it's nearly -30 degrees Celsius outside.

Oh, right. I have to stay in and work. Vengo, Rosa! I'm coming!

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