ROW80 Check In and Six for Saturday Links

Just in time for check in, I'm coming to you from FarmV- er, I mean, from the land of I-have-only-my-manuscript-open-I-swear.

No, really, I have been good. Editing for a few days straight now, except for Thursday night, when I was writing, and last night when I was knitting and thinking about plot points.

Here's a wee snip, completely out of context. Let me know if it means anything to you.
"Brother Arcturus led them on into the darkest hour of the night, when a cold breeze started up among the black trunks of the trees and rustled the leaves all around them. Rosa kept her arms wrapped about herself, shivering. Tia Mira had left her side to walk beside her husband, who was now carrying the last torch, Baha behind them walking by himself.

At least she'd had that disgusting omelette and Baha's bread and cheese; when was the last time her family had eaten? They had barely left that room in over two months and yet they continued doggedly on the path that Arcturus set, not even questioning the presence of a monk and another stranger among them.

The third time she stumbled, Baha caught her by the elbow. He slipped his other hand against the small of her back, helping her to regain her footing as they slid forward across the forest floor.

"Thank you," she mumbled, as he released her, but found herself unable to speak more coherently. All the blood and humours in her body rushed to that part of her, a series of lines all meeting where his fingertips had been. Her arms dangled uselessly at her sides as she walked, for she was afraid that if she moved naturally, and accidentally touched him in return... Not only would everyone see the sparks fly from where they met but she might just start another fire."
Six for Saturday, as promised:

A discussion of historical YA over at the Mixed-up Files. I'm always eager for a historical! I hope the world isn't changing that much, so that kids aren't interested in history anymore.

The Literary Lab on alliteration. It's definitely not confined to poetry. I like using alliteration deliberately, if I'm going for a poetic effect in a scene, or simple emphasising a specific sound as part of the action or emotion that's in that scene.

Win a Kindle by signing up to participate in BlogTourdeForce, an IndieBookCollective event. Starts on Monday!

Part 22 of Kait Nolan's Forsaken by Shadow. Only two parts left after this - read it and then read Devil's Eye!

Publication party going strong at L'Aussie's blog. First up, author Christine Bell.

My first review is up on the One Hundred Romances Project Page, for Ginger Simpson's A Wing and A Prayer. Published by an e-publisher from my hometown!


Yes, I was interested, related to the way in which you described the relationship, brought back memories.
This is good! and you know, I think you can include knitting as writing time, since it helps to focus your mind into the weaving of plot points!
Zan Marie said…
I loved it, Deniz. I'm hooked on the fact that Rosa knows already that the sparks will fly. Good stuff.
C.Farrell said…
The first sentence made me laugh - it's a good thing Facebook games don't play well with my laptop or ROW80 would never have started for me. :)

And I agree with TerryLynn, the knitting time counts a writing time if you're working on plot points too.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for the support guys. I've been editing the same page all afternoon and it helps to get feedback!
MamaElk said…
First, I agree with Terry, knitting must count as writing time! (especially sock knitting, lol) :)

I like the excerpt, very much. It was sweet, and I'm extremely curious as to where the heck they are, and about starting "another" fire.

BAN Farmville like I did. Just the mention of it is making me want to go and check on my farm, but I will not. I WILL NOT DO IT!

Have a great day and keep up with your writing.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you! It's kind of sad when I'm in the middle of a scene and suddenly start wondering if my FarmVille cow is ready for milking!
It helps in one way, though - the more exciting/emotional my scene is, the less desire I have to skip over to FarmVille. Who would have thought a time waster could become a writing aid?

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