Bernard Pivot Blogfest, Many Links and an ROW80 Update

Cveryone doing the Round of Words in 80 Days could use a bit of chocolate, right? Does anyone have any to share, leftover from Monday, perhaps?

I've entered that cycle - slack off, feel guilty, slack off some more. Ah, I shouldn't be too hard on myself - I got most of some very important dialogue written last week, and edited a scene featuring one of my villains (the hero's father) and shared it as my exercise for February on the Compuserve Forum. Then I did some random copy editing this morning, and it was so much fun rereading scenes from the story!

Along the line of that, Susan has a very inspiring post on nourishing your creative spirit.

And Nicole's hosting a Bernard Pivot Blogfest! I've answered a few of these questions before, but here goes:

What is your favorite word? Wariangle

What is your least favorite word? Like ("like, OMG, LOL!")

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Creatively - writing a story that's flowing well; spiritually - reading Tolkien, Lewis, Sayers or Saint Augustine; emotionally - sweet stories that aren't too sappy, or movies like Waking Ned Devine. And anything to do with ordinary people, heroism and Keep Calm and Carry On during World War I and World War II.

What turns you off? Wilful stupidity, vapidity

What is your favorite curse word? Fish wrinkles

What sound or noise do you love? The Aegean sea crashing on the sand near my grandmother's house

What sound or noise do you hate? TV commercials

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Veterinarian or sailor (on a sailboat)

What profession would you not like to do? Anything involving public speaking

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "This way to the TARDIS..."

(I'd like to see what European cities and other places on Earth looked like hundreds and thousands of years ago, and explore the universe, and the Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine on Doctor Who would be perfect for that sort of travel)

Wandering Wednesday Links:
My review of the delightful erotic novella Pilgrim for Love by Anna Austen Leigh is up!

Say, if you haven't entered DL Hammons' contest and guessed the answer to the mystery, what are you waiting for?

Sherrie has an author spotlight on Terry Lynn Johnson!

Lyrical Press is calling for Irish themed submissions.

Diana Gabaldon's on an Outlander Virtual Book Tour.

And Roland Yeomans has a book out!


Jessica Bell said…
Wow. What an awesome answer to No. 10! Um, yeah, like, whatever. ;o)
Talli Roland said…
Great answers, Deniz! Like, you know (you realize we'll never let you forget that now...).
Loved your answers! I especially like the word 'vapidity.' Wrote that one down for future usage! And 'fish wrinkles'?? LOL!

Thanks for playing along!
Summer Ross said…
Fish wrinkles- thats great!
Zan Marie said…
This 10 question blogfest is neat. I just don't have the time to devote to another right now. Darn it! ; )
Jen Chandler said…
Waking Ned Devine is one of my favorite movies.

Answer to #10? BRILLIANT!! Wait for me! I'm coming too!!!

Hart Johnson said…
You are so lucky to have a grandma near the Aegean! Great list! (like, other than as a verb, really bugs me, too)
Cold As Heaven said…
Some cool answers. Being a sailor would be great, at least for a while, but seeing nothing but the ocean becomes a little bit monotoneous after a week or two >:)

Cold As Heaven
gideon 86 said…
Love you curse word... funny.

I hopped over from the crusader list to say "Hi," and follow.

It's nice to meet you Deniz.

First challenge on, Friday... It should be cool.

Faith said…
A grandma near the Aegean! Well, that WOULD be lovely.

Hello from the Crusader list/group! Nice to meet you. :)
Ellie said…
Awesome answers, and number 10 is definitely the most unique answer I've read today!

Bernard Pivot Blogfest
thanks so much for the shout out! - enjoyed reading your answers! i always find these interesting.
Elaine AM Smith said…
Reading, water and sand and a tardis? Great answers :D
Your answers are great, Deniz. And thanks so much for mentioning my Kindle book. Have a wonderful week, Roland
Kari Marie said…
Fish wrinkles is hilarious. I don't think I could say that in anger!
J.L. Campbell said…
Wariangle is new to me. Had to go look that up.
Anonymous said…
Like, OMG, we're both, like, crusaders, like, I am so, like following, like...right now! LOL!

Yes, I can see how that is a least favorite word! Like, like like!

Nice to meet you! I look forward to following you.

Jemi Fraser said…
Like, awesome answers!! :) I am so going to borrow 'fish wrinkles'
Margo Kelly said…
Great answers. I'm a fellow crusader and a new follower. Nice to meet you.
Corinne O'Flynn said…
FISH WRINKLES !!!!! I love that!

Great list. :)

Raquel Byrnes said…
Like drives me bonkers too. Especially if its, like, every other word!0_o

Fellow crusader and follower saying hello!
Craig Hansen said…
Way to keep at it.
DL Hammons said…
Fish a curse word....really?? There's definitely gotta be a story behind that one! :)
Solvang Sherrie said…
I totally agree about tv commercials. It's one of the reasons I love DVR! And like you, I avoid public speaking at all costs :)

Thanks for the link to Terry's article. I hope you get to hear the Aegean Sea again soon. That must sound fantastic!
Hey- fellow crusader and BPBfester
LOVE the TARDIS answer. That would be heaven.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Jessica, Talli, Nicole and Summer!

I wish you'd play too, Zan Marie!

I could fit all of you in a Tardis, Jen! Wouldn't it be fun?

Thanks Hart and Cold - of course, I don't know if I have the stamina to be a sailor at all...

Can't wait for the challenge Michael - I might finally have a chance to visit everyone tomorrow.

Thanks Faith and Ellie!

They are fun Terry - and I've got your book on my wishlist :-)
Yours too, Roland!

Thanks Elaine, Kari and J.L.! I thought of fish wrinkles at some point in high school, but yea, I've only ever used it in writing. It's not very conducive when you've stubbed your toe or something :-)

Like, it's lovely to, like, meet you, Nikki!

Thanks Jemi, Corinne and Craig! And hello fellow crusaders Margo and Raquel - this is such a great way to meet fellow bloggers.

DL! I still have to solve the mystery! I'm coming with an answer, I swear. I'm just dying to get it right so I want to wait till I've gone through all the clues I missed.

Thanks Sherrie, and thanks KO - I wonder if the Tardis would help me get a jump on my crusader rounds? So many bloggers, so little daytime. I'm all for some going back in time :-)
Hi, Deniz! Nice to meet a fellow crusader! Love your answers, esp. fish wrinkles. You're so cute!

♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥
Hello. New follower and fellow crusader here.

I agree with you on the TV commercials. I heard they are trying to get that noise level regulated so the commercials can't be louder than the show. I would LOVE that!
Susan Fields said…
Hi there! I'm a fellow crusader. I'm already a follower, but I wanted to stop by and say "hi!"

Fish wrinkles - love it!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Elizabeth, Patricia and Susan! Great to meet you through the crusade!
So true about public speaking. That is a good one.
Thanks for sharing your answers.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by, Heather!

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