Editing, Procrastination, and Check In on ROW80

Whee! Plugging along on edits. I've done about 52,000 words out of 136,000 and still have 2,576 square brackets to clear up.

I named my two villains yesterday!

Three IFs:

If you're looking for an author to support, head on over to India Drummond's for ways to help. Her novel Ordinary Angels launches in less than two months!

If you're further along than I, working on your query, here are all the successful queries featured on Guide to Literary Agents. Somewhere in the middle is Hélène Boudreau's letter for Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings - and guess what? There are two sequels for that book coming soon!

And if all you want to do is procrastinate... Pillow Astronaut offers a widget for calculating your weight on other planets. Just one more reason Pluto is my favourite planet.


Al said…
Sounds like the plugging along is getting results.
Names can be so hard they have to feel right.
Craig Hansen said…
Sounds good; I enjoyed reading a post that was more than just a "here's where I am" check-in. Well done!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by guys!

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