Passing on Awards and Passing on Editing

Friday! Oh frabjous day!

A long night of editing, followed by a full Saturday of editing and then - er, wait a moment, I need to check my nautical chart again. How long does it take to sail from Malta to Selonika? Well, as long as I have Google up, let me just open a new tab and check my email...

It's midnight? How is that possible? I was only just getting started!

I've had a couple of days of slacking off from editing, and you know what happens when your butt's not consistently in that chair - your mind wanders even more. I swear I'm shutting everything but the word processor down in half an hour. I've got to have some progress to report for #ROW80 on Sunday.

Thank you to my over 200 followers! If I haven't followed you back yet, it's because I couldn't find a linky on your profile - please leave a comment and let me know how to find your website or blog.

And to Trish and Alison for these two awards!

Let's see, I've got to share seven things about myself...

1. I don't have a middle name

2. I haven't yet read Lord of the Flies, The Grapes of Wrath (or East of Eden) and War and Peace

3. My thumbs are pretty black. I've got two plants and both are the mercy of my two cats. Which reminds me, I think yesterday was water the plants day

4. During the day, I can be bribed with a latte to do all sorts of things. Work-related things, I hasten to add

5. I have one hymn and two song lyrics that are permanently stuck in my head, and crop up at odd times throughout my life: Jerusalem, "...and I feel like I'm slowly, slowly drifting from the shore" (U2) and "I am smelling like the rose that somebody gave me on my birthday deathbed" (Stone Temple Pilots)

6. I love LEGO

7. I'm toying with the idea of joining NaNoEdMo...

I'll pass both awards on to the bloggers in my two crusade groups!

The MG/YA crusaders:

1. Samantha Verant (Life, Love & Living in France) YA, MG, memoir, romantic comedy 

2. Faith B. (Literary Coldcuts on Toasty Buns) [Twitter] YA (fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and magical realism elements), MG, women's fiction, historical fiction 

3. ali cross (Ali Cross) [Twitter] YA (science fiction, fantasy), MG (science fiction, fantasy) 

4. Donea Lee (The Queen of Procrastination) YA (contemporary fantasy), working on a MG idea 

5. Francesca Amendolia (Making It Up) [Twitter] YA (younger), MG 

6. Lois D. Brown (Life of Lois) YA, MG 

7. Len L (Conversations with Self) MG, Literary women’s fiction 

8. MC Howe (Pensive Sarcasm) MG (adventure, mainstream), humor 

9. Carrie (Carrie Keeps Typing) MG 

10. Ben Langhinrichs (My Comfy Chair) [Twitter] MG (fantasy), YA (science fiction), science fiction 

11. Chris Phillips (Chris Phillips - Slushpile Savant) MG 

The Romance crusaders:

1. Summer Ross (My Inner Fairy) Fantasy (fairies), romance, short stories, non-fiction (short stories), horror, poetry, erotic fiction 

2. Savannah Chase (Savannah Chase' Official Author Blog) [Twitter] Adult fiction, romance, paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, sweet romance, erotic fiction 

3. Charlotte McClain (Charlotte McClain) Romance 

4. Liz Fichera (Liz Fichera's Blog) [Twitter] Historical romance, contemporary romance, fantasy romance, YA 

5. Margo Benson (Margo Benson) Romance, paranormal 

6. Kerrin Hearfield (Kerrin Hearfield) Romance (Riva line for Mills and Boon), romantic suspense (for ST) 

7. Nas Dean (Nas Dean) [Twitter] Contemporary romance 

8. Hope Welsh (Hope Welsh) [Twitter] Romance, romantic suspense, erotic fiction, fantasy, paranormal 

9. Alyssa Fox (Alyssa Fox) [Twitter] Contemporary romance, erotic fiction

10. L'Aussie Denise (L’Aussie Writing) [Twitter] Romantic suspense (contemporary/literary)

11. Gina Blechman (Kaleidescope Thoughts: Life, Love, and Dystopia), YA (dystopian), erotic fiction (lesbian/bisexual romance, realistic) 


Lola Sharp said…
I feel scattered too. Never caught up. *sigh*

Also, I love STP and U2.

CONGRATS on your well deserved awards. And good luck with the edits. :)

Zan Marie said…
I'll let you have the latte (I hate coffee) and I'll take your plants to a safe place--my house, which can be a jungle if I don't prune the plants regularly. ; )

Both awards are very deserving.
Aubrie said…
Congrats on your awards! You should make up a middle name! Make it really cool sounding and unique.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you so much Lola, Zan Marie and Aubrie.
Here's to getting caught up today, Lola - I've got all day to be editing and hope I don't waste it.
Hmm... a middle name... You mean I have to choose just one?!
I'll give the plants a word of love from you Zan Marie!
Cleveland said…
Crusader dropping by. I don't have a middle name, either!
Susan Schreyer said…
Hi fellow Crusader! Your lie! I know it! In reality, you HATE Lego. All those little pieces, hiding in your carpet, waiting for you to step on them with bare feet...yup. Hate 'em. Oh. Are we talking about you?
Deniz Bevan said…
Lovely to meet you Cleveland and Susan!
Ha ha, my life would be so much easier if I hated Lego - I wouldn't be lusting after an iPhone I don't need just so I can get the Lego cover!
Deniz Bevan said…
Cleveland, how come I can't click through to your profile?
Len Lambert said…
Oh I don't know where my comment went, Deniz. Congratulations on the awards and thank you for passing them on to me :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Happy to pass 'em on, Len!
Summer Ross said…
Aww thank you so much for passing them on!
Deniz Bevan said…
Happy to do it!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the blog awards! Very sweet.
Savannah Chase said…
Wow thank you so much for the award...
Nas said…
Thanks for the award, Deniz!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Liz!
Happy to pass it on, Savannah and Nas!
Donea Lee said…
Forgive my slackery ways! :) Finally getting around to thanking you for passing along this award to me! So sweet - I appreciate it!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by Donea!