ROW80 and X Marks the Spot

X is for...

eXactly ten pages I've edited in the last week

X thousand words that I've added to the novel. I didn't do it on purpose, I swear!

X hundred words that I've successfully cut, finding some true gems along the way (a lingering character name for instance, when I thought I'd Exacto-knifed him out of that scene months ago).

X more books I just added to my To Read pile, having started a book club with some close friends. First up, Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.

X scenes and snippets and exercises and books for review I've volunteered to read. So far enjoying Pilgrim for Love by Anna Austen Leigh. And she's writing in my time period, too!

eXactly X major items on my Writer's Life To Do list. (Let's not think about the Work Life To Do list or the Knitter's Life To Do list. And let's ignore completely the Housework To Do list.)

X is the hour that I'd like to be asleep by every night so that I stop getting distracted every five minutes during the day. But I doubt that's going to happen.

X is also the mystery solution to DL Hammons' Whodunnit - A 600 Follower Mystery/Celebration! Can you figure it out?


Misha said…
Hahaha that is such a strange coincidence.

Good luck with your WiP.

Talli Roland said…
Lots of X's! :) So what does X = then?
walk2write said…
A most variable variable, that X. Do you crosstitch too?
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone!
My sister-in-law cross stitches - I'm trying to learn to crochet but can't find anyone to teach me how to do it left-handed.
And X = ... Hmm, well for today it equates to the treasure of reading a brilliant book that inspires your own writing. Just finished Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.

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