ROW80 Check In, Villains and Len's Contest

Forget this weekend. And I do mean forget it. Let me see, did I get any editing done? No... And that, of course, was my main goal for the Round of Words in 80 Days. Writing only counts when I'm creating scenes that were missing, and that's what I did on Wednesday and Thursday - yet I haven't even typed those up!

I know what the roadblock is about though - I need to write a scene featuring my villain, mainly because it's a necessary scene in the novel that needs major editing (I cringed at how out of place half the dialogue and most of the action is in the scene as written; I hadn't reread it since I first wrote it nearly half a year ago) and partly because I'd like to submit it for this month's writer's exercise on the Compuserve Forum.

And the roadblock? Well, it's not a romance scene is it? And therein lies the rub...

My hero loves the heroine (let Joanna Bourne tell you why) and the romantic scenes come so easily. But antagonism? The heroine standing up to her father-in-law and getting cut down? That doesn't come half as easily...

How did I end up writing about my villain around St Valentine's Day? All I have to offer in honour of the day is the heart on my younger cat's head. Here he is:

And here's his heart:

Meanwhile, Len's almost at 200 Followers and having a contest to celebrate!

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