WineLit and Eight Hours of Editing


Yes, it's a brand new literary sub genre, WineLit, coined by Talli Roland.

I've been editing like crazy - eight hours yesterday (just like Theresa did!), after slacking off for two days last week - and I'm at 63,050 words of 141,969.

Still can't seem to cut the words down, but I moved a lot of scenes around - again! - and set up a calendar of events; the story moves from 3 August 1492 to 20 April 1493, and I think I've finally figured out Rosa's birthday: 12 October. With less than a month to go in the Round of Words in 80 Days, I've still got about 78,000 words to edit; I need to do at least 3,000 words per day, while I've only been doing about 1,000.

Hence the need for WineLit.

One of the scenes I edited yesterday features a long night of friendship, laughter, and wine drinking. Of course, there's romance involved. I meant to post it here, but as it's rather long, have posted it to my Facebook author page instead; a WineLit snip from Out of the Water.

Also, Lola's having an awesome Lolapalooza! Join in!

Quote of the week comes from Tolkien (who else?). I rediscovered this while looking up drafts of the Lord of the Rings in the History of Middle Earth, based on a discussion of literary tropes at Matthew's Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment (love that blog name!):

"'If you haven't got a horn, fill me a mug! For I have done both Aelfwine's part and Treowine's, and it is thirsty work, a minstrel's.'

Markison handed him a pewter tankard full. 'Beo thu blithe aet thisse beorthege!' he said, for ancient English is only one of the innumerable things he knows.

Lowdham drained the tankard at a draught. And so ended the sixty-ninth night of the Notion Club."

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