Penetrating Questions

Linda Grimes posed some great questions the other day.

1. If you had to be turned into a vampire, a zombie, a werewolf, or a ghost, which would you choose?

My first instinct is to say ghost. But then, might you not pine away, living in a sort of purgatory? Vampire might be interesting - I wonder how I would handle immortality?

2. If you had to come back in your next life as a plant, what plant would you be?

A long-lived, hoary old oak tree with many twisty limbs. Perhaps an oak that sheltered a king.

3. If you were a painting, what type would you be?

Something intricate, something soft, something with hidden layers. Perhaps a Durer or an Emily Carr.

4. Let's get elemental. You're fire. Are you: A) a conflagration, huge and bright, but quickly extinguished, or B) a banked and smoldering ember, not giving off a lot of light, but sticking around and providing warmth for a while?

Definitely an ember. A burning coal in the depths...

5. When it comes to cleaning up life's emotional messes, are you a broom (sweep them aside), a mop (wash them away with water; i.e., tears), or a vacuum cleaner (suck them all up until you find a convenient time and place to empty out)?

Mop for sure. A nice cleansing cry does wonders!

6. If you could remotely program other people's cell phones with a special ringtone to let them know it was you calling, what would it be?

The one I have now on my phone is the recorded sound of my cat yelling at me. "Now!"
Guess I'd stick with that.

And the most penetrating question of all... how am I doing on the Round of Words in 80 Days? Not well at all. Hardly any editing on Out of the Water in the past few days, though I have been thinking of Rosa and Baha all the time.

Wish me luck for the week's end!

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