Reading Weekend Summary, Blackadder and an Upcoming Book Release

Reading weekend is over!

I wrote a couple of hundred words, thought of three essential plot points (Round of Words in 80 Days check in!) and read the following:

After the Night by Linda Howard (skimmed the last half, as it got predictable)
Pirate's Price by Darlene Marshall (lots of fun! get it from Amber Quill Press)
Byzantine Provocateur by Melissa Bradley (erotic! look for my review coming soon to the One Hundred Romances Project blog)
Jean Little and Kit Pearson's stories in Dear Canada: Hoping for Home
The Panorama of the Renaissance by Margaret Aston (Folio Society edition)
The Cat Who Moved A Mountain by Lilian Jackson Braun
a number of stanzas from the 14th Century The Book of Good Love

And our book club meeting was discussing Tatiana de Rosnay's Sarah's Key. Next up, Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty.

International Blackadder Status Day is on Tuesday! Should I post "so what was the chicken impression in aid of?" or "fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more"? Decisions, decisions...

In awesome news, Kristen Callihan has a book deal! "Kristen Callihan's debut historical paranormal romance WEST OF THE MOON, hounded by society's dark rumors, a cursed lord must chose to lose his soul and surrender to "the beast" within him to protect the beauty he loves from an unstoppable killer to Alex Logan at Grand Central Publishing, in a nice two-book deal by Kristin Nelson at Nelson Literary Agency (World) Publication slatted for January 2012."

I can't wait for the rest of the world to read this book. Congratulations Kristen!


Al said…
Sounds like you've been busy.

Love Blackadder!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Al - I think it was a good rest from the screen for my eyes [g]
Nas Dean said…
Hi Deniz,

Seems you had a busy weekend.

And congratulations to Kristen!
alberta ross said…
busy busy well done - keep smiling
J.L. Campbell said…
By the sound of it, you've covered a lot of words this weekend.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I can't believe you read all that in one weekend. I used to love the Cat Who books. Not that I don't anymore, but now I really only have time to read YA, and since that's what I write...

Hannah Kincade said…
Wow, what a productive weekend. I bought a new computer chair, then spent several hours in it watching TNG...
Melissa Bradley said…
Oh my gosh, thank you so very, very much for reading Byzantine and taking the time to write a review. I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. I hope you enjoyed it.

I see I have some titles to check out as I just finished rereading Edeet Ravel's 10,000 Lovers.

Have a wonderful week.
Anonymous said…
Busy, busy. :)

I've never seen Blackadder. I remember the shows playing on PBS when I was a kid, but I skipped watching them. As an adult I now have the urge to see them.

WEST OF THE MOON sounds interesting.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for the support everyone!

All this reading, but now I can't seem to get back to my editing groove... Gotta return to my own novel.

Oh yes, do check out Kristen's!
I love The Cat Who series... they're a light, easy read. The rest of your reading weekend sounds quite different.

Thanks for your comments on my interview at The Character Depot. It's nice to meet you. Doralynn
Lynda R Young said…
Congrats to Kristen.
Gotta love reading weekends :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by Doralynn and Lynda!
I almost caved and started another Cat Who last night - it's so easy to drop everything and read those!

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