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Kate Kaynak - aka Disgruntled Bear - has a spring writing contest on, featuring awesome tag lines from a number of different authors. I based my entry on help from Nadja (thank you! and let me know whether you'd prefer a critique of your first page or 10$ through PayPal!):

A dangerous and passionate journey, for a love that must transcend faith and family, East and West.

Voting starts Monday. Please head over to the contest page and vote for your favourite awesome line.

Lori has been posting awesome writing tips from Lauri, a dear member of the Compuserve Books and Writers Community who passed away last year. Here's Lauri on Character Motivation, Trimming the Fat, and Back Story.

Medeia's been blogging about books she's reading - and I won the giveaway! Thanks Medeia!

Not much to report for A Round of Words in 80 Days. I edited 20 pages yesterday! But it was all scribbles on paper; I've only transferred a few pages worth into the actual MS. I've chopped a lot out of the middle of the novel and now there's a gaping hole in it that needs quite a lot of stitching. What to do, what to do...

Ooh! Tahereh has ARCs of Shatter Me to give away!

Plug for Hélène Boudreau (host of #weekendwordwar on Facebook) whose got lots of MGs and YAs coming out!

Quiet, please. Our author's trying to solve a plotting problem...


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