My Day Requires A Latte, A Well-written Scene and Some Cat Love

What's on your list of must haves for a great day? Editor in Chief of Real Simple (the only life magazine worth subscribing to), and author of Just Let Me Lie Down (a hilarious and touching book about working moms), Kristin van Ogtrop shared her list in her latest editorial. Her day requires at least one cup of coffee as well...

My other items include:

At least one free coffee refill (either a colleague who offers to get me some, or my friend down the hall, who usually has a full pot brewing before I even come in)

Progress on my novel, of any kind, whether a scene written, a few pages edited, some square brackets conquered or a research book not only read but reskimmed and notes taken. I'll also accept a new story idea (got another one this morning! still trying to decide if it's YA or adult romance).

Work-related tasks that involve mostly editing, where I can sit in the sun by the window with some tea or coffee and slash away at others' words.

Twenty minutes or so of walking outdoors. Any birds chirping, geese returning, or other animal sightings are a bonus.

Sleep is nice but time to read for pleasure is even more important. I've been spreading myself rather thin with volunteer editing tasks, book reviews and translation jobs. Sitting down for an hour or two and reading for pure joy makes a refreshing break. I've got a couple of YAs and classics lined up for the next session. Speaking of which, Beverly Cleary turned 95 on Sunday. Happy Birthday! And thank you for Ramona, who shared my pain in many ways when I was her age.

An egg sandwich with cheese, tomato and HP sauce.


Carol's done a page critique for Out of the Water! Thank you, Carol.


ROW80 - I've been doing well! Eight pages edited since Sunday. I've got lots of new scenes to type up tonight. And one scene to make more manly.


Jenny's author mentor for March and April is P. G. Wodehouse and she's got some amazing posts on music, poetry, short stories, World War II and more.


Nas Dean said…
You have a great list of items!

And I so agree with "Sleep is nice but time to read for pleasure is so important!"
Nas Dean said…
You have a great list of items!

And I so agree with "Sleep is nice but time to read for pleasure is so important!"
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Nas! Which reminds me, I'm about to read Jane Eyre for the first time...
AllMyPosts said…
Well twenty minutes of outdoor walking with some birds chirping / geese returning / .. will make anyone's day better !!!

I need a lot of chatting with friends!! It is very essential for me to share myself with someone!!

with warm regards
CatchyTips for Writers
Liz Fichera said…
It's the little things, right Deniz? ;-) My needs and wants are quite simple too.

I just read your excerpt over at Carol's. Nicely done!
Claudia Lefeve said…
I love your list! Except the walking part. I've never been much for excersise (I can't even spell it!!). I may have to steal a few things from your list for my own :)
Susan Fields said…
I read the critique over at Carol's today - sounds like a great story!

I also need to make some writing progress everyday or I'm a very cranky lady. :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone! And I'm glad you enjoyed the snip, Liz and Susan. It's always so nerve wracking at first to see what others have said about a snip I've posted...
Al said…
Great links!
Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Ah, Beverly Cleary. What would we have done without Ramona in our world. I've got one of the books, an old paperback I found in a used bookstore, on my bookshelf to read.

Thanks for wishing my neck-surgery daughter a good recovery. She's doing much, much better today.

Hope you get some good relaxing reading time in this weekend.
Ann Carbine Best’s Long Journey Home
Jenny Maloney said…
Wow, 95. Really? It's one of those things that you believe but don't believe at the same time. Go Beverly Cleary!

And somehow this post made me hungry. =)
Liz said…
Reading for pleasure and cat love! Absolutely! My cats keep me sane. I also need my coffee every morning and some time to veg and watch Family Guy reruns every night.
We're very similar. I love sitting near my sunny plant-lined window with the sun at my back, drinking a cup of coffee with a cat on my lap.
Carol Riggs said…
You're very welcome for the critique, Deniz! Fun having your excerpt posted for other writers to see your writing and possibly learn a few tweaky things. :) Thanks for sharing it! Have a great weekend. :)
Nadja Notariani said…
It really is simple things that make or break a day....I must have 20 minutes of quiet time in the morning. I sit and have my coffee or tea and watch squirrels heckle pigeons on my neighbor's roof. (at least for 9 months out of the year in this wintery place my husband's career has brought us to)
You are so right to say that progress, no matter how slight, adds serious satisfaction to any day.

Loved the paintings in your more recent post. Beautiful. ~Nadja
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Al!

I'm glad to hear she's doing better, Ann.

I'm kinda hungry myself, Jenny...

I'll say Liz - time to veg is definitely a must.

Sounds heavenly, Theresa!

Thanks again Carol!

Thanks Nadja - quiet time in the morning sounds like a great way to ease into the day.

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