Strikeout, Underline, Rewrite, and Arrows Pointing Every Which Way

Welcome to the world of editing. Also, it's Wednesday, which means another check in at A Round of Words in 80 Days.

I've torn up and red penned (well, Pilot brown penned, actually) so much of my novel that I can hardly see the original type anymore. Only I don't get to print out a fresh copy until I've actually entered all these changes into the MS.

Meanwhile I've torn so many holes out of the middle bits that I feel like I'm peering through a l a c e curtain when what I want before me is tightlywoven tapestry.

It'll come... I can't wait till I'm done this round and I can take a few weeks off and return to research before I start rereading and editing from the beginning again.

How's your drafting/writing/editing going?

Don't forget to vote for your favourite awesome line at Disgruntled Bear's contest. Perhaps you might like mine...

And thank you to the wonderful Linda Gerber, author of the Death By... series - I just won a copy of her upcoming book Sass: The Finnish Line. Can't wait!

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