WeekendWordWar and More Fun With Picasa

Yes it's another #weekendwordwar, hosted by author Hélène Boudreau on Facebook. Keep editing and writing and researching, and post your updates there or on Twitter (sorry, no link - I'm not on Twitter yet!).

Before I start tonight's round of typing up new scenes and cutting out old ones, here're two more Picasa-fied photos of Rosa from Out of the Water. Both were recently posted on The Orientalist Gallery and the paintings are by Frederick Arthur Bridgman, who it turns out has many many Orientalist paintings that fit Rosa's life in Constantinople.

In The Courtyard:

Dolce Far Niente:


Anonymous said…
Lovely paintings.

You won my giveaway contest. We'll be in touch.
Deniz Bevan said…
Ooh! Thanks Medeia!

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