CANSCAIP and Charity Book Fair


It's the yesouiCANSCAIP Imagine A Story Conference! Lots of great workshops and seminars, presented by local authors and illustrators, including Jill Murray, Yeyo, Monique Polak and Marsha Skrypuch.

In other news, I spent the last little while organizing a book fair at work, which we held last week.

Here's the announcement:

Here's the layout:

Here's me putting Diana Gabaldon's book front and centre:

And here's me!:

Raised close to 900$ for a children's library in Tanzania!

So... Are you rooting for Barcelona or Manchester United?


Jillybean said…
Wah! That's so cool! Great job on the book fair - I remember the first one I ever went to. It was like releasing a kid into a candy store. [g]

Well, as fond as I am of football, I don't watch any of it -- but since my professor will be inevitably be rooting for Barcelona, I have a feeling I'll be siding with Manchester U just to be contrary. [g] How about you?
Deniz Bevan said…
Yea... I really really didn't need to pick up any more books [g]

I used to be a Man U fan back when all the bands I listened to loved them. But, er, might root for Barcelona now on the odd chance that Rosa might have...
Jillybean said…
LOL. Could this be proof that life imitates art? [vbg]
Susan Fields said…
Ooh, I love book fairs - just looking at all those books gets me excited!
Anonymous said…
I love looking at all those books! And you did a great job raising money.

I tagged you on my blog, by the way.
Su said…
Yay for book fairs!

And I'm rooting for Barcelona. Man U is not my favourite team! :(
Look at all those books! How wonderful to raise so much $ for Tanzania.
Beth said…
Hope you had a great time at the CANSCAIP conference. I usually go to the Toronto one, and always learn a lot!
Nas Dean said…
Thanks for sharing such lovely photos. Well if it's photos of books, then it's lovely! But what an awesome job you did organising it!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone for coming by! Now that the fair's over, we're trying to set up a permanent charity bookshop somewhere in the office building...
wow! this is awesome, Deniz! good for you! Karma will come around.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you Terry Lynn!

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