Crusades, Celebrations and Contests

Very excited today! Thanks to Zan Marie, who's celebrating her 100th post and 200th follower, I just discovered that this is my 498th post. Wednesday will be 499 and Friday will see my 500th post! I'll be thinking of ways to celebrate all week, and yes there will be prizes!

Rachel recently posted her Writer's Code, which goes for me too. Besides working every day, and having patience - and not comparing myself to others - one other item I'd add to the list is: stop obsessing over time. It's only been a year since I've been writing and revising the current novel (though there was a year before that when I was halfheartedly drafting); no reason for me to rush the process or feel as though I'm falling behind some arbitrary line.

On that note, I'm seriously considering signing up for Barbara Rogan's Revising Fiction Course, starting in June and running all summer. I've only done a few hours of editing each day in the past few days, and that's still only on paper. All those changes have to be entered into the MS, the ending needs a major overhaul (at the moment it's... dare I say it... rather lame), and I think being part of a course will give me the added discipline I need to finish the novel and get ready to - gasp! - query in autumn.

Rach's Second Writer's Platform-building Crusade has ended. Join us for the next round in August!

Oh, in case you missed it... Here's Google's Doodle for the Royal Wedding:


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