How Do You Read and Blog Award

How do you read?

Diana Gabaldon recently wrote a blog post on this topic. "I get frequent questions—from readers and interviewers—asking me whether I read. My initial response is always, 'What, are you crazy?', but I usually suppress this in favor of something more politic, like, 'How can anybody not read?'"

Hear hear!

She goes on to answer the question of how she reads, as - apparently - there are people out there who can't fit reading into their lives. I wonder how they even avoid reading? There's always something out there to scan, peruse, skim, devour... My comment to her post was:

I pretty much read all the time everywhere. How can one not have a book to hand? People always comment on the fact that I read while walking – mianly to and from the train station – but why not? It's ten minutes each way! I've tried writing while walking, but haven't perfected that yet... Especially in waiting rooms or at the post office – how can one simply sit there for 40 minutes or more?
Related to this is the question of rereads – I reread a lot of my favourite books (lots of young adult books from my childhood, The Lord of the Rings, Agatha Christie, Outlander [g]...), but not everyone seems to do this.

Then, in reply to Marte Brengle's comment, I added:

Eye hunger – yes! That's what I've got. Why else would I read the backs of cereal boxes, advisories at train stations, fine print at the bottom of the screen during cheeseball drug ads...

Lately, I've been worse than usual, as evidenced by my books I'm reading list below - I keep starting books and dropping others. I've got to buckle down at some point and finish them all.

Meanwhile, I've been working steadily on my Round of Words in 80 Days goals - completed my synopsis, overhauled the first five pages (again!) and am still plugging away at fixing and finalising Rosa and her love's first night together. I've also got a guest post coming up tomorrow on The Turkish Muse!

Thank you Trisha for this shiny award!

I'll pass it on to... I'd like to pass it on to everyone! But just for fun, here are a few names:


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