Lavender Fields and Book Reviews


Had a day off yesterday, from work and writing, and visited the fields of Bleu Lavande. I'm squinting into the sun in this photograph, otherwise there'd be a happy, relaxed smile on my face.

Did I mention I had the day off? I returned home late and instead of resting even further, dove back into editing. Finished entering all the changes I'd made on paper!

Still have a raft of square brackets to clear up, though. Unfortunately, these are the most difficult ones. They say things like "add tension", "what's hero doing?", "what's the worst that could happen?" and "throw rocks!", which derives from a recent post by Adam Heine.

My latest book reviews are up on the 100 Romances site:
Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye
Maybe This Time by Jannine Gallant

Speaking of which, Karen Gowan is creating a link list of book reviewers! If you feature reviews on your blog, send her your link.

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