Liz Fichera's Craving Perfect and Other Happy Links

My review of Liz Fichera's Craving Perfect is up on 100 Romances!

And another link - visit for literary news, reviews and interviews. One recent blog posts featured a review of the Steve Coogan (I mean Alan Partridge. I mean... Ah-ha!) and Rob Brydon film, The Trip.

Roni Loren's having an epic giveaway of lots of swag to celebrate her two year blogiversary!

Joanna Bourne is choosing banners for her updated website... Look for Black Hawk, Adrian's story, in a few months!

Porch Conversations, another gorgeous post over at From The House of Edward.

Denise has a detailed review of Ann Best's memoir In The Mirror. That book's at the top of my wishlist.

As for ROW80 - I've got 15 pages left in editing! I'm at the end of the novel! There are lots of gaping holes and repeated words and trite conversations! These are exclamation marks of panic that I'm sprinkling!

Need some comic relief:


J.L. Campbell said…
Thanks for the updates and good luck with the editing. I know this is just the beginning.
Lisa Rose said…
Good luck with your editing. YOU'RE ALMOST THERE! Well, almost there for this round of editing at least.

Good luck with the rest of your week, and thanks for all the links and comic relief. Love it!
Jillybean said…
You can do it, Deniz! You're so close to the eeeend!

Repeated words are my repeated sin (ha). Especially if I'm really struggling through one particular bit. You've got my sympathy. [g]
Anonymous said…
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To follow me know, ok.

Take care.
Nadja Notariani said…
Yes... those conversations. I have a few of those to contend with! Dialogue seems to be at the top of many lists this week/round. But you'll take care of it.

I enjoyed "Porch Conversations" a great deal. Thanks for sharing the link. And for the cover love at my page for Her Dark Baron......
Jemi Fraser said…
Good luck with those edits! It's always so much fun :)
You are a dear to mention me. I always love it when you stop by!!
Robin McCormack said…
Don't panic! You can always change it and fix in the next go round. At least you recognize where the problems are so you can fix them.
L'Aussie said…
Hi Deniz! I'm doing the rounds catching up with my commenters. Thanks for coming by and now thank you for the heads up on Ann's review. I do hope you get to read it soon. It is inspirational.

Liz Fichera said…
Deniz, thank you again for the beautiful review and for the links! xo
15 pages? HuzzaH!

I really want to read Craving Perfect. I wish Liz the best of luck.
Laurel Garver said…
Here's a helpful maxim to stick on your computer when you're freaking out about edits:

:-) don't panic. Sometimes it takes multiple passes. Take it slow.
Talli Roland said…
Great link round-up, Deniz! :)

And you'll enjoy 'In the Mirror'. It's a great read.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Lisa and Jill!

Off to visit you, Patrick...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Nadja :-)

Thanks Jemi, Robin and Denise!

Aww, thankyou Pamela :-)

My pleasure, Liz! And yea, you should read it Theresa - it's just right for summertime :-)

Hee hee, thanks Laurel. But later could become much later... I really really want to share it with the world already!

Thanks Talli!
Nicki Elson said…
Yahoo on being so close---maybe even done by now?? I'm skipping over to read your review of Liz's book...
Misha said…
Thanks for the great links! Good luck with the editing. :-)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you Misha and Nicki! Only five scenes left to go...

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