More ROW80 and Literary Resolutions Update

Now that all the films are over (and I've been rereading the books all this time) I have no reason to slip in Snape references, do I?

Thought not.

I do have one piece of happy #ROW80 news - all the editing I've been doing and I'm still in love with my characters and story! That has to be a good sign, right?

July's literary resolution was to "spend two hours a week working on one long piece. This could be a rescued piece discovered in May or something new."

I still have a rediscovered short story that I'd like to edit and try submitting somewhere, but all my energies have been going to editing Out of the Water to ready for querying.

Here's the blurb in its latest incarnation:

Exiled from her Spanish homeland by the Inquisition and separated from her family as they flee their home, 18 year old Rosa must place her life in the hands of a stranger from the Ottoman Empire. Baha, estranged from his own father and returning to his homeland after ten years, is her one hope of reaching Constantinople and reuniting with her family. The fact that he's attractive and tender is an unexpected pleasure.

As they travel together, her burning drive to be reunited with her loved ones is matched by a deepening desire for the man at her side -- but all too soon they may run out of time to be together. Rosa's family will likely not accept her marriage to a man of different faith, let alone one who has been renounced by his family. Yet before she can even introduce them, their reunion is cut short by the arrest of her father and brother at the hands of the Sultan's Grand Vizier. Rosa and Baha are the only ones that can rescue them, and together prove that their love can withstand their differences.

I'd like to add one thing more, about their love being worth fighting for, but haven't figured out how yet. Tell me, Rosa, tell me!


Lisa Rose said…
Oooh, I love your blurb. I would definitely check it out if I picked it off of a shelf!

Good luck with the rest of your week!
Zan Marie said…
Great blurb! Deniz, I think you've got all in there now. The other bit on love worth fighting for might be a bit much. Just my two cents. ; )
Jillybean said…
Deniz, I really like this blurb; it's great!

I'll echo ZM in that I'm not sure the other thing belongs here (either that or it would have to replace 'prove that their love can withstand their differences,' as to me, those are so close as to be almost synonymous), but it does sound like something that would fit nicely into a longer blurb. :-)
Yes, still loving your story and characters during the editing stage is a good sign!

I think the first two lines of your blurb are especially tight.
Claudia Lefeve said…
Sounds great (the book and the blurb)! Can't wait to read it :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you Lisa, Zan Marie, Jill, Theresa and Claudia! *wipes brow in relief*
Beth said…
I like it, and I wouldn't add anything else. My only thought was it might be "fled" rather than "flee" in the first line (since both exiled and separated were in the past tense). Otherwise, it works for me!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Beth, good catch!

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