Rereading While Waiting for the Film

Kreacher's Tale.

That's the chapter I'm on right now in my reread of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (can't see the film tonight, unfortunately; have to wait for my sister to come to town, so I'll be seeing it - I hope! - on Monday).

I remember reading an interview once where Rowling mentioned that the filmmakers had decided to cut Kreacher when making The Order of the Phoenix, and she said no! you're going to need him later on!

It boggles my mind to think that the directors and producers hadn't read the entire series before embarking on the project. Books are always better than the movie versions (99% of the time), and that's one of the main reasons why: authors are fully invested in the story and can see all the nuances at a glance. Filmmakers? Not so much, at least when their film is based on a novel or short story. But why don't they care?

Yet even Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings... Okay, I won't go there. How many times can we - sorry, I - rehash that?

There is one thing I adore about the Harry Potter films and that's the casting. Everyone looks exactly the way I pictured them, especially my favourites, Lupin and Snape and so on. I do hope they don't make the ending too sappy.

The Marauder's Map Screensaver!

Just think - when the books first appeared, I avoided them altogether because I thought they would be badly written everyone-loves-'em-so-they-must-suck fads. It was only when The Prisoner of Azkaban came out, and my sister borrowed all three from a friend, that I sat down to read them and see what I'd been criticising.

Sure didn't take long for me turn into a devotee. You know, one of those that ordered same-day delivery for The Goblet of Fire, woke up at 8am to wait for the mail, then ignored houseworkfamilyfriendswork for the next two days as I devoured it. I've had a great time rereading them all each year before the films come out.


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