ROW80, U2 and Lollygagging

Don't know if this post will even come through - Blogger seems to be acting up again, not letting me leave comments.

Which is a shame, as everyone seems to be doing so well on their writing projects and A Round of Words in 80 Days goals and I'd like to sprinkle some congratulations confetti!

On the other hand, maybe it's a sign that I should stop lollygagging and get on with edits. If I buckle down, I think I can get another 20 pages of square brackets cleared up today. Then I've got a few linking scenes to type up. I've got no excuses, now that our houseparty is over.

Well, I do have one excuse. I've got mosquito bites all over my hands from being out on the balcony for an hour yesterday, listening to the outdoor U2 concert, which the wind carried over to us, starting with New Year's Day (link to very shaky video). I realised while listening that U2 involved a lot of firsts for me, including the fact that they were my first ever concert (in 1992) and the first song I ever heard on the radio: Bad, in 1984:

In other tidbits, playwright and author Jean Kerr was born on this day in 1923; I dearly loved her book Please Don't Eat the Daisies, about the adventures and delights of raising four boys, and hope I can find her other books in a second-hand bookstore someday. I won't add them to my wishlists... Got way too many books on there and in the To-Read pile as it is!


Michael Offutt said…
Ick...I hate mosquitoes. Hopefully you don't catch West Nile or something like that.
Em said…
What exactly does lollygagging mean?! Love the sound of it but don't want to use it in the wrong context!

Well done on your week one successes!
Anonymous said…
Good luck with edits! I absolutely love U2. The boy on The Best of 1980-1990's cover looks exactly like my little brother, only my brother wasn't even born when this CD came out. Mosquitoes suck. (Oh, I'm so punny.) ;)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your goals, and good luck with the dreaded revisions.

U2 is a favorite band of mine, as well. For me, it's sentimental because it's my dad's favorite band and he plays guitar as a hobby so he used to serenade with me with U2 songs when I was a makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! And The Joshua Tree is just an amazing cd.
Nas Dean said…
Congratulations on all your goals. And all the best with the revisions.

Hey, girl, use mosquito repellents when you go out. If you live in a tropical country like ours then you'll have mozzy repellents on hand! I have small purse packs which I carry around!
li said…
The ability to comment has been hit or miss all weekend - very frustrating! And seeing the word lollygagging made me laugh; I haven't ever heard that word outside of my own family. I thought maybe it was handed down through my Amish roots or something. :)
Zan Marie said…
Now I know you're sweet! Mosquitoes don't bite me. I'm just too yicky...and I'm not complaining. No, I think my skin is so sensitive, I feel them when they bite and kill them then and there.

And we lollygag in the South all the time, especially in the summer. Too hot to do anything else. ; )
Ugh, I feel your mosquito-induced pain. Well done for accomplishing ANYTHING with your hands covered in bites!! Glad you got to enjoy the concert :D
Robin McCormack said…
I love to lollygag. I thought I was the only person who used that word as well. Must be my southern roots. Don't scratch too much. :)
Nadja Notariani said…
Your post brought up some great memories, Deniz! It made me think of my first concert...Heart-1987. It made me remember my sister and I watching the t.v. sitcom (based on the book) Please Don't Eat The Daisies on summer mornings before we were allowed out to play.
It made me I often lollygag. Oy! Okay, Okay...I'm getting off and going back to type out chapter 12. ~ Nadja
Misha said…
How are your edits going? I'm on revision and edits too. Still a lot of work to do...

Beth said…
U2 is awesome! I've seen them three times, and they're the best concert band ever. My husband is seeing them again tonight -- lucky him!
Liz Fichera said…
U2 came to Tempe, Arizona in the 80's to film a music video at ASU. People were allowed in free, just to fill the auditorium. Fun times.

Please Don't Eat the Daisies with Doris Day and David Niven was a great movie too. One of my faves. Loved their big fluffy white dog in that movie too.
S.P. Bowers said…
I couldn't comment the whole time I was on vacation. Lame Blogger.

Bugs like me too. Everyone likes to sit by me. I'm a natural bug repellent. for them. All the bugs come to me and leave everyone else alone.
I love saying "lollygagging". I've even used it. :D

Bugs like me, too--and my skin usually overreacts and I end up with large sores, every summer.

Good luck with your edits!
Jeffrey said…
Cool. U2 is my favourite band. They have such great songs: One, elevation and so on. After Builders Cleaning.
Congrats on your goals! Ugh on the skeeter bites. My kiddos are allergic to mosquitos and get huge welts when they get bitten. Double ugh! Good luck with next week's goals!
I think Gloria came out in 1981. 30 years later, they're still relevant. Bad is one of my favorite songs, ever.

How are your bites healing?
alberta ross said…
lollygagging? please explain

mossie bite ugh - terrible curse - i read somewhere that it's a slight shortage of B vitamins make the blood tastier to mossie - never tested it
anther 20 pages of editing would be good
all the best for this week
Naina Gupta said…
Lollyagging - that sounds like pirate talk.
Jillybean said…
Yikes, sorry about the mosquito bites Deniz!

One time I went to central Texas for a family reunion/4th of July shindig and came away with 130+ bites...I guess I must really taste good to Texan mosquitos; a foreign delicacy, or something. [g]

Good luck with edits!
Anonymous said…
Good luck editing.

I love U2. It's so cool you got to hear them from your balcony. All I hear from mine are loud sports games from local school teams.
Tara said…
That's too awesome that you got to listen from your balcony! Grr for those pesky mosquitoes though. Did you know spraying a mix of Listerine and water all over the deck is supposed to keep them away? Haven't tried it yet, but I did buy a bottle of Listerine the other day...
Michelle Fayard said…
Deniz, your WIPs have me hooked with their historical themes, especially Out of the Water. I'm glad to be a new follower of your blog and look forward to reading more about your books.

Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Michael; they're finally getting less itchy.

Hey Em, it means lazing around, wasting time and not editing my novel, hee hee!

Thanks Madeline. How neat that he looks like your brother!

Thanks lisey, that sounds amazing, having your dad play for you.

Thanks Nas! Little less itchy now...

Hi li, I didn't know it was an Amish thing! I can't remember where I first heard it, but I bet it was a YA book!

They let up for a few years, Zan Marie, but seem to have returned with a vengeance! Ah, to lollygag in Georgia. At Cherry Hill :-)

Thanks Anne-Mhairi! Love the spelling of your name.

Thanks Robin!

Ooh, you've seen Heart live, Nadja? Lucky! And hey, I didn't know they'd made a tv show from Jean Kerr's book. I wonder if I can find bits of it on YouTube?
Deniz Bevan said…
They're going better now, Misha - I've really cracked down this week.

I agree, Beth, lucky him!

Wow, which video was that Liz?

Aww, sorry to hear that Sara. Next time I'll get one of those bug repellent candles...

Thanks for the good wishes, Eagle!

Thanks Jeffrey and Sonia!

Finally healing, Theresa. Took a few days though.

Lollygagging - lazing when I should be editing, alberta! B vitamins, eh? Hmm, better eat more... what?

Arr, matey! I mean Naina :-)

130??? Wow, Jill. My sister and I used to count but I don't think we ever got more than 50 or so bites each.

Thanks Medeia!

Thanks Tara! Listerine, really? Will try it out...

Thank you so much Michelle! I'm happy to subscribe to yours :-)
Erica (Irene) said…
Congratulations on all your goals. And all the best with the revisions.

What is lollgagging?????

I too have trouble with Blogger leaving I switched to Google Chrome and it works like a dream and is faster.
Sorry about your mosquito bites.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Erica! Lollygagging is how lazy I get when it's nice out and all I want to do is sit in the sun... I'm *on* Chrome; that's what makes it so frustrating when something Google-related doesn't work :-(

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